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To William and Bill and Bty261364 and the others, you are all so generous with your help. Thank you for your replies. They are all helpful. I am learning so much about this…I'll check out that videohelp the meantime, I am in the process of figuring out the possibilities my current, but somewhat older DVD player, seems everything in the tech/digital world is "old" after 1-2 years anymore, if I can hack my current machine, great, but if not, go to plan B. Also, anybody out there also from USA? The changeover from analog signal to digital has many people buying little boxes and antennas and now there is info that there will even be free digital channels if you can receive them. There is so much info/rumor floating around out there, I kinda want to wait until the dust settles and see what really is available. Because it could happen this way…I could get a multisystem DVD player that would play multisystem discs, but then when the changeover to digital happens and somewhere between the DVD and the TV the little boxes somehow aren't compatible, well, I just will believe it all when I can see it working….still, I went ahead and bought the Onedin complete series that was on Ebay, you'll see it if you surf the Onedin Line boxed set, and there is good advice from them on where to buy a DVD player from Philips that will work….somehow, someway this will work out..I just want to do it without extra boxes, antennas, cords, connectors, etc.

I also was thinking to myself, how interesting it is that humans, since the dawn of time, the moment we lifted our eyes up from seeing the marvel of the first campfire, how we have loved to see stories played out, dramatized in the light of that first campfire…I'm bemused at myself for going to this effort to see the rest of the Onedin series……..we don't even watch television, we use Netflix and we can choose what we want to watch…I got fed up TV with punching the remote over and over and there was nothing decent or intelligent to watch it seemed…so we dumped our satellite server…….so many shows that just pander to the lowest level of brain function…. that was almost 2 years ago…we mainly miss the news (which we get from radio now) and the history channel, discovery, black and white movies, and series like the Onedin line, and yes we've seen the original older Poldark…that was good…I just didn't want to pay that monthly fee for nothing…what the cable and satellite companies should do is let people CHOOSE the stations they want and make custom packages …then I might be tempted to go back, but not now with the programming the way it is….ok, I've talked too much….

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The problem as I understand it is not just the region, as you correctly say many players can be "hacked" to play any region, this might seem an alarming term but normally is in fact only entering some code in from the keypad on the remote, usually with the tray open. Sites such as: have lots of info.But apparently this is not always enough for North American equipment. And it is due to the differing TV standard.USA = NTSCEurope = PAL (mostly).This refers to the system used for TV, the two are not compatible, although it seems a lot of DVD players will play PAL DVD discs in a way compatible for NTSC TVs. (Anyone who can confirm?). We are luckier the other way around in the UK. I've never come across a DVD player that can't play NTSC discs to our PAL TVs.A somewhat laborious work-around is to "rip" a PAL DVD on a PC using "DVD Decrypter", then from the resulting files use "TMPGEnc DVD Author 3" to re-author a DVD but set to NTSC output, in other words it converts from PAL to NTSC, these files are then burnt to a new disc.Naturally this must break various copyrights and so forth, but I believe in the USA you are allowed to make a backup copy of your discs, so you should be ok (?).Bill—– Original Message —– From: bty261364 To: Sent: Tuesday, February 03, 2009 3:27 PMSubject: [shiponedingroup] Re: any place to find a complete boxed set of The Onedin Line— In, robin wilson <robinadair@…> wrote:>> > Hello, just joined up..perhaps this questions is already out there, but is there a source for a complete boxed set of The Onedin Line that will play in the USA? Any help would be just wonderful and appreciated!> __________________________________________________________I belong to another 'cult' message board and what the folks in the US (or other non-Region 2 areas) do is buy Region 2 disks and then 'hack' their DVD player to be region-free.There are websites which give the 'hack' codes for each model of DVD player. I give that advice in good faith – please don't blame me if it goes pear-shaped!! ———————————————————-No virus found in this incoming message.Checked by AVG – Version: 8.0.176 / Virus Database: 270.10.17/1931 – Release Date: 2/2/2009 7:21 PM[Non-text portions of this message have been removed]

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