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Sorry to hear of the hacker attack, I have suffered
them on one of my websites. Use a password with upper and lower case letters and
numbers, it takes a lot to get past that.
Anyhow I'm guessing the song " Home-Lovin' Man " is
possibly not accessible because of some policy about MP3 files, a
ll down to illegal music downloading, as a
result many servers will not host files with the MP3
There are ways around this but the file would need
to be uploaded again either in Zip form or with the extension changed to
something else (eg .doc). When the file is downloaded the user simply renames
the file with the MP3 extension


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Sent: Tuesday, November 16, 2004 1:14
Subject: RE: [shiponedingroup] Any
Information Would be Appreciated Please !

Hello Anna and all
the other members of the group,


The site is down for
a short time because it was hacked. Someone thought it was funny to put
irrelevant info on it about the other Peter Gilmore (the

I’m waiting now for
an answer from the provider, if everything is solved the first thing I’ll do
is upload the site again and with more info.

I hope it won’t take
too long but for sure the site will come back.




From: Zeta anna
Sent: dinsdag 16 november 2004
Subject: [shiponedingroup] Any
Information Would be Appreciated Please !


Hello Members !


     I was wondering if anyone can
answer me . I am trying to get to the Anne Stallybrass and Peter Gilmore site,
for some reason or another it no longer comes up, has the site been closed
down ? Also, what has happened to the song " Home-Lovin' Man " sung by Peter
Gilmore, the file cannot be opened , has that also been shut down for some
reason or another, I would greatly appreciate some answers


 Thanking You In Advance,




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