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> Dear Bill,
> Catch as Can is great on TOL site. Well done. Here's the next one???!!!
> Series 1. Prog 6. Salvage by Michael J. Bird
> Description by Viv Dodd.
> In the shop's living quarters, Robert and James confront Elizabeth about
> her `condition' and insist she marry Fogarty despite James stating,
> somewhat regretfully, `I'd hoped for better things for you' (as her
> situation seems to have stumped his alliance plans with Frazer's aswell).
> `You've put yourself in a gully too narrow to come about,' he states as if
> that were an end to the matter. However, Elizabeth argues and shows she
> is not prepared to be bullied by her brothers, even in the face of a slap
> across the cheek from James at one impertinence. She runs, crying from the
> room, but Sarah utters her support for the girl when she states that
> Elizabeth will not be left without a roof over her head and thrown out
> onto the street.
> In the street, a distracted James meets Albert Frazer who has arranged for
> him to sail in a steam pinnace that he has built to induce James'interest
> in his plans to build a steamship.
> A seaman's wife, Mrs Bascombe visits Anne at the warehouse to plead for
> allotment money as her husband has not yet returned on the Charlotte
> Rhodes. James and Robert arrive and the woman pleads with them but as the
> woman prepares to leave empty handed, they receive a visitor, a local
> fisherman, who has news that James' ship is adrift off the coast, having
> been battered by a storm. She's on fire and the crew ready to abandon
> ship.
> Mrs Bascombe quickly spreads the news in the local public bar looking for
> a free drink and sympathy but Callon and his son overhear. Edmund knows
> that the Charlotte Rhodes has not been insured for the trip and he and his
> father realize that they have a chance to acquire James' biggest asset as
> salvage.
> James and Robert persuade Albert to take them out to the Charlotte Rhodes
> in his steam ship as it could be the only vessel that would beat Edmund to
> the stricken ship and, despite the engine's unreliability they reach
> Baines and the remains of his crew first. There is smoke but no fire and
> the ship is stuck on a sand bank but will float off at high tide.
> Robert takes the rowing boat and returns to the women waiting together at
> home. Anne and Elizabeth have talked about her situation and it is obvious
> to Anne that a marriage to Fogarty is not what her sister in law readily
> wants.
> When James returns with the ship and remains of its crew, Anne has to tell
> Mrs Bascombe that her husband was washed overboard and drowned. James,
> ever mindful of his pocket, tells Baines to only pay in full, the crew
> that stayed aboard her.
> Fogarty has returned on `the Maid of Formby' and James and Robert find him
> in the `Longboat' public house. James fights with him for the `honour' of
> his sister but Daniel is prepared to marry whatever James may do to him.
> The decision is now Elizabeth's.
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