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I'll put some captured images of her from the series in the files section
when I think about it.

We should not forget what a fine actress she was in the series and a very
big star at the time.

Jessica and I are about the same age, one thing I do know is she will now
look a lot better than I do!


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> Jessica is the finest woman I've ever seen and she's a great and
> wonderful actress. I think, she's given up her acting career too
> soon. She could be a hollywood star. Unfortunately it's too bad and
> too late now. 🙁 I believe, she couldn't accept the very hard rules
> in this business. I'm sure, she's a wonderful nature and she wouldn't
> suck up to the executive floors of the movie business.
> I would like to dedicate a special section at my Onedin fanpage to
> Jessica.
> Perhaps she would be glad to know that she's still a lot of fans.
> Regards
> Mathias