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Dear Bill, thanks for putting episode with pictures. Here is the next in
the series?!!!!

Series 1. Episode 10. A very important passenger. By Roy Russell.
Description by Viv Dodd.
James is approached by a very important looking man to carry a secret
passenger to Italy and despite being told that he had been recommended by
Callon, he asks for a fee of £400, to appease Robert who needs at least £350
to buy a new shop. He and Sarah are now living in the old warehouse.
Baines has been taken ill and a seaman arrives to offer himself as Mate.
James hires him, tells Anne to make the cabin shine for the passenger, who
then arrives at the point of departure.
The stranger carries a pistol, much to James' disapproval as captain of the
ship, and he appears like someone who is used to being obeyed. The stranger
charms Anne who engages him in conversation but he does not tell her his
name. When walking on deck, James has to take action to prevent an injury to
the man from a falling block caused by a crew member cutting a rope. The new
mate and several members of the crew are paid assassins to prevent Guiseppe
Garibaldi returning to Italy and uniting the country.
James and Anne are informed of the danger to Garibaldi and of his mission
but James refuses to land him secretly in Sardinia and wants to go straight
to Livorgno to save time and gain his bonus for a fast passage with his
James is called for by the mate and his co conspirators and held as hostage
to attract Garibaldi on deck. Garibaldi emerges and admits to knowing what
is to happen. He asks to discharge his pistol as a matter of honour, which
he is allowed to do but, as a man approaches with a knife, Garibaldi shoots
him with his new repeating revolver and James breaks free to help overpower
the assailants.
A British ship is sighted. It has been sent to escort Garibaldi to Italy and
he takes his leave of James, telling him that he would not lack for trade in
Italy when he, Garibaldi, unites the country.
On their return to Liverpool, James and Anne are met by Robert who is
reading the latest news about Garibaldi's arrival in Italy and his success
at rallying the people to him. James wants to hear about Robert's new shop
that Albert has advised him to buy with the money James has received rather
than the one that Callon suggested. James tells Robert that it will be ` Our
third company – Onedin Chandlers Ltd'. Robert protests that it is not fair
and that it should be a replacement for the shop he had owned. James
exclaims `Fair?! Now.. Let me see.. Did you get Garibaldi back to Italy or
did I?'


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