15 Best Affiliate Software Tools for 2023 Epic Guide

Merchants who wanted to have a new type of Internet marketing channel, one that allowed them to track which promotions were generating sales and which ones were not. Affiliating with a third-party agency versus handling it in-house using http://1aks.ru/author/com/page/2/ an affiliate management system . There are thousands of merchants on the internet and wrapping your head around the right ones can be a work of art in itself. You need to choose a solution based on your own budget and requirements.

what is affiliate management system

In the commission section, you will also find other options named “Void” and “Self Purchase Tag”. It will include all the affiliates whose commission is greater than $50. Minimum Payout – Minimal commission amount earned by an affiliate to include it to the payout report. In this, you will add basic details for promoting your product. Contains – You can randomly give any input and based on your input the system will provide you details.


To better focus your efforts and allocate your resources, you can use Clickmagick, another ad performance tracking tool. Sub-IDs can be added to each link so that the origin IP address of each visitor can be tracked. In addition, it can monitor user activity across multiple devices, which can inform improvements to product descriptions and landing pages.

  • Understand the role of proactive maintenance in facility profitability and get tools to help digitize your maintenance workflow.
  • The mechanization of formerly manual processes like payouts, prizes, point distributions, rewards, and other monetary and evaluative monetary mercenary jobs are automated.
  • 15+ Free Business Tools See all other free business tools our team has created to help you grow and compete with the big guys.
  • This module allows you to set a recurring commission to any affiliate program and campaign that you will set.
  • Then also the commission will be generated for the person whose affiliate link is used some days back.

They are data-backed analyses based on the specific information you have provided about your business. Without this assistance, you’re navigating through affiliate partners blindfolded. With so many dead sites out there, it’s easy to become disillusioned. And, that doesn’t even account for the sheer volume of fraudulent affiliate websites that pose a direct risk to your business. Set and track sales goals for your affiliate program, including conversion rate goals.

Affiliate Wiz

You get access to the large network of affiliate marketers on ShareASale. The software is hosted on the ShareASale server, so you don’t need to worry about managing or updating it. In our experience as a merchant, ShareASale has been great to work with.

After you’ve connected your affiliate program to Purply, our analysis begins. Our system reviews over 10,000,000 data points from our registered affiliate partners and to detect links between them and your business. If you were to attempt to review this amount of information independently, it would take a year or two. Our analysis places you with the best partners for demonstrable results that you don’t have to wait on for months. Without affiliate software, the process of finding an affiliate partner that actively promotes your business can take months, perhaps even years. During that time, you’re wasting money on your search AND losing money on the potential traffic that affiliates can create.

The former starts with $49/month and ‘Big Traffic Pricing’ is from $149/month. If you want to recruit affiliates from your own customer base and need a solid platform with all the main integrations, this one might be for you. Prices start from $47 upwards, depending on the number of affiliates and tracking requests you have.

Recruit affiliates

The cost of affiliate marketing is also much lower than regular marketing tactics. Rather than paying money upfront like with many other marketing methods, you only pay your affiliates whenever they bring in sales. Moreover, scaling up an affiliate program comes with little or no additional costs either, so it’s a perfect advertising method for businesses with tight budgets. The affiliate management system will handle all the frontend work, all you need is to set up the URL for affiliate partners and add commission rules for product and plans.

what is affiliate management system

Achieving this yourself can be a challenge though, so outsourcing your affiliate program management may be the best solution. In affiliate management, you function much like a liaison between your company and your affiliates. Your key responsibility is to keep your affiliate marketing channel or channels running smoothly, and generate incremental revenue for your business over the long term. Post Affiliate Pro is an established affiliate software, having been around since 2004.

Often, affiliate managers have senior management executives that they report to in-house. If this is the case for you, expect to periodically update management on your progress and show that your affiliate program is generating suitable results. You may also be assessed regularly to see how you’re faring against expectations. Another core component of affiliate management is training and development. Since the network owns all affiliate data, you won’t be able to make the most informed decisions on how to manage your affiliate program.

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