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Bill, I'm a member of a couple of other Yahoo Groups that have just migrated to One thing I did hear was that was charging a $220 (US) migration fee. In all of the Groups that migrated, the owner asked for members to donate what they could to help with that cost. Members donated anywhere between $5 and $50 via PayPal to the owners with the owners posting daily updates on the amount raised until the $220 was reached. Then the owners used those funds to pay

I've just sent those Groups' owners an email asking them what they did to get the powers that be at to migrate them over. I'll pass on anything they tell me ASAP.


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what is needed?

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István Váradi [shiponedingroup]
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Moving the group to IO would require the administrator to invite
a certain e-mail address. However, I could not contact the administrator. But
we still have some time till Deember 14, so perhaps there is still hope that
the administrator steps forward and the moving can be completed..


On Fri, Nov 29, 2019 at 10:14 PM Chris J Brady
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Who not move the group to IO. But time has just about run out. CJB
On Friday, 29 November 2019, 20:28:10 GMT, Lee Bonnifield
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Hi István,

Here are the messages I saved, I
hope you can use them. I said

>They're in
plaintext (including the mail headers)

but they
are html format, the way they were distributed. The headers let
them be displayed in readable format, at least when given to
email. When I put the file "onedin" in among
other mail boxes while
Tbird is closed, next time I open
Tbird it sees the new file and builds
indexes for it.. Then I
see the messages in chrono order with the html
rendered. I hope this works for you. Please let me know.

Lee Bonnifield

On 11/28/19 2:14 PM,
[shiponedingroup] wrote:
> Hi Lee,
> thanks for offering the messages, and I
would be grateful if you could
> send them to me,
including the headers. That way I might be able to
> setup
some website where the messages would be displayed in
chronological order and perhaps preserving the topic structure. Or
> perhaps a forum into which I could import them.
> István

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