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> On 12/05/2007, at 8:26 PM, Barbara Stiegler (Fritos) wrote:
> > The ISBN from the 2 books is 07153 73986.
> Are there more books then? Or do you mean the Cyril Abraham books?
> > A good place to trade books is at
> My understanding is that books are just left in places for people


> pick up and pass on with the details being logged on the website.
> It's a matter of luck what books you might pick up – unless there


> some formal arrangement for trading that I missed when I looked at
> the bookcrossing website recently.
> > Check out the fritos bookshelf or others from all over the world.
> What does this mean?
> Regards from Brisbane Australia
> Elaine

Hi Elaine,
The ISBN number 07153-73986 is for my 2 copies of " The World of The
Onedin Line". Wondered why your ISBN was different than mine, since
it's the same book?
At "Bookcrossing" there are planned releases and controlled releases,
where someone writes me a PM and requests a booktrade or viceversa. I
also have a few friends where we just send each other any books we
have read, and hope they will be sent on later or left someplace. You
can trade anything, there arn't any rules. I've traded bookmarks,
interesting bookcrossing labels and even a bag of fritos for a book,
DVD or CD. Depends what a member has listed on his bookshelf. A list
of my registered, released,found or permanent books collection can be
viewed at my fritos bookshelf.