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The idea of a modern continuation of the story was in the mind of the creator of the Onedin Line.

There was a radio interview with Cyril Abraham in the 70s when the Onedin series was at the peak of its popularity. I know this because I'd been asked to tape the interview on audio cassette for my mother, who was a big fan of Onedin, I believe it was from "Women's Hour" or some such programme.

In the interview, Cyril Abraham talked about what had inspired the story, how the unusual surname came about, and that he'd outlined the story right up to modern times (the 1970s).

It was not clear to me if he meant by outlined, a written outline, or if he'd simply meant he'd created the scenario in his mind, I'd have thought if anything had been written down it would have surfaced sometime since.


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I've known all these years that I should keep quiet about my 'Son of Onedin' idea!! (or got it copyrighted!!).
You can see the scene, young handsome Onedin, stuck in boring office overlooking container port, tallship race gathering in the harbour entrance, sets him off daydreaming about Gt.Grandfather James, of crisp white sails, of masts heeled to a stiff breeze, dolphins joyfully playing at the bows, of real seamanship and romance………… Cue music…………….


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