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Sent: Sunday, September 17, 2006 12:32 PM
: What I can't understand is why there has been a reluctance in the UK to
: release anything beyond series 2 – given the popularity of the Onedin
Some of the reasons have been touched on some time ago on this forum.
Basically it was suggested this could be a permissions problem. From what I
could gather the BBC had tried to contact some actors because the original
contracts did not make provision for VHS and DVD (VHS did not come into
being generally until the late '70s and DVD obviously was not invented at
the time) and past due repeat fees/overseas sales.

I can't remember if one of those actors concerned was named on this list
previously, so I wont state it here just in case it is confidential but
there was someone on the list hoping to locate him – I don't know if they
were successful or not – my own efforts using some contacts I had, failed to
turn up anything except the person was last heard of in Holland some
indeterminate time ago.

Hopefully if this is the impediment to releasing series 5 onwards then it
has been resolved as the actor appears in those episodes.