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Don't know if the discs will be officially released for the USA, you could
try searching using Google, or perhaps outlets like Amazon etc.

If you wanted the discs from the UK or Europe Depends on 2 things,

1. If the BBC shop or other retailers will ship to the USA (if this was a
problem, I'm sure I or someone else on the list could forward them on from
the UK if you were prepared to pay the postage).

2. They are region 2 DVDs which means they should not play on players sold
in North America, which is region 1. BUT……….

The region thing is not to do with the content of the disc, that will play
anywhere in the world on any player, but there is a level of protection
built into the player meant to enforce copyright and distribution policies
in different markets around the world. In practice very many, if not all,
players can be made region free by following the instructions for a
particular model on this website: The instructions are called "hacks" but don't let
that put you off.

For information the DVD regions are:

1 USA, Canada & US Territories
2 Europe, Japan, South Africa, Middle East (including Egypt)
3 South East Asia, East Asia (including Hong Kong but not China)
4 Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Central & South America, Caribbean and
Pacific Islands.
5 Former Soviet Union, Indian Subcontinent, Africa, North Korea, and
6 China (excluding Hong Kong)

HTH Bill.

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Will this also be available for those of us in the the US?