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I have to watch that episode again to fill in the blanks and hear what was said. (Unlike with the original 'Trek' re-runs, I haven't watched TOL episodes enough to have most of the episodes' dialogue memorized.) Unfortunately I won't have access to my videos for the next week – currently travelling on holiday for our anniversary. My videos are on the home computer and I won't be getting home until late May 30th, and I'll probably need the 31st to let my back recover from all the travelling. If no one's answered you by then, on Saturday or Sunday I'll re-watch that episode (with your post in front of me) and see what I can do.


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I don't know what is said in some places (I don't have subtitles) or I don't recognize the words or context because I don't know what they mean, please correct me (Dino, this means you, R, & the lurkers.) If there's an issue about accents I may need translation from Liverpudlian.
("Liverpudlian" is "jocular" in my Random House American dictionary, is that a word over there?)

S4N1 The Loss of the Helen Way

The Helen Way is steaming fast in the fog and the mate has just spotted Onedin's ship and says what?
Mate: _ _ _ _!
Captain: Hard to port!

Baines: What do you mean, he was there! He told me to _ _ _ _ _! I'd ordered the cover broken off the long boat…

Doctor: …nor to lift things. Nor to bend, not even to put on your boots. _ _ _ _ _ _ _. Now then where will I send you a bill…

Matt Harvey: Your sister!
James: And I had her all neatly packaged _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

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