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Can't agree enough, loved catching up with the Onedins after so many years. Really annoyed when they stopped the 7.00 repeats. Surely they realise that a lot of people work.

Thank heaven for Dutch DVD's. Waiting on series 8 to come out.

In the meantime my Onedin, Gilmore/Stallybrass collection is on the increase just finished collecting all the novels.

Nice to hear from fellow OLAS people, By the way that stands for Onedin Line Appreciation Society.



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I have got PG on tape reading Lorna Doone and CD done in 2010 by cast of Follow That Girl – both through Amazon. Can anyone supply me with a CD copy or the vinyl of PETER GILMORE SINGS GENTLY and SONGS OF THE SEA?
Having at last read all the messages from over the years I see there was a time when an offer to do CD copies was made – any left? I have an audio tape with PG singing on the Cilla Black show back in 73/74? – yes I resorted to taping from the tele before we had a video recorder!!!
Is Bill Scanlan Murphy still out there? – loved his message about the 'Gilmorisations'- I should think PG was a menace to act with – a little bit of a loose cannon?
Finally,Bill,where do you get the pics to add to the descriptions – can any one download them?
Are Diana and Marrianne still there – keep adding to the website and keep the faith.Have you any up to date news of Peter and Anne? Afetr the showing of the Onedin Line on Yesterday there are lots of new, yoiunger fans and it should get shown again, somewhere.
regards to all Viv Dodd

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