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Also, out of Falmouth for the last series –
'Pasqualle Flores'

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Hi shipgargo,

a huge amount of different well-known sailing vessels was used in the series:

– Charlotte Rhodes

– Danmark

– Statsraad Lehmkuhl

– Christian Radich
– Georg Stage

– Captain Scott (Shabab Oman now)

– Eagle

– Sagres

– Gorch Fock

– Gloria

– Esther Lohse (Albatros now)

– Als

– Regina Maris

– Sir Winston Churchill

– Soeren Larsen

(incomplete list, it's only a selection… )

Please use google, wikipedia etc. for pics and infos and try these links:
http://www.tallship e.htm

Best regards


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Here in Finland we have great summertime now. Is anybody hear or know

were i find and watch pictures Onedin line boats?

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