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Ah, Elaine,

Sadly, the only telly we have in our house that is more than ten years
old is the old black and white set that I watched as a child while sitting
on my great-grandmother's lap. So it's safe to say that it's at least 50
years old (but it still works!) I keep the dust blown out of it and still
have it for sentimental reasons. But black and white… I'd like to see the

All my other tellys (there are only two) are less than five years old.
One isn't even a year old yet: HD LCD! I finally managed to afford one.

I keep asking my kid (some kid; he's 26 going for his Master's degree)
to download the episodes and put them on DVD for me since he's got a DVD
burner in his computer, and he's got that u-torrent (or is that bit torrent?
– hell I can't keep them straight). He keeps giving me that "Oh yeah! I
can do that for you; easy!" But instead he spends all of his "down time" on
World of Warcraft.

Maybe I'll get his mother to threaten him. (No one survives "The
Mother's Look!")


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> (WITHOUT any subtitles to distract)

Thank you Dino for your interesting discussion about your job. For we
landlubbers there is so much to know about the sea!

The non-English versions of the Onedin Line have the ability to turn
off the sub-titles. So long as you have a less-than-10-year-old TV your
DVD should read either format (PAL or NTSC) and you can watch every
episode without a hitch.

Cheers from Down Under …

Elaine in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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