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I know this is off-topic, but there may be parties interested in this one. As is typical with NBC (the No Brain Cells network), who now owns the SyFy Channel, they have what could be a good thing that they're setting up for failure.

As often as I watch that channel I have never seen one ad for it, but tonight (Feb 10) at 8pm US Eastern Time SyFy is airing 'Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome'. At first, in spite of fans' demand for it, SyFy said they were not going ahead with this pilot even though it had already been filmed. The producers then put it up on Youtube and it's gotten millions of hits. So during SyFy's bit 20th Anniversary Special a few months ago they made a big deal of mentioning "upcoming works", and including 'Blood and Chrome' amongst them (though there was no mention of when it would air).

So, in spite of the demand, I think SyFy (or NBC) is going to air the pilot without advertising it so they could say "Oh, look, almost no one watched it. Horrible ratings. No series. Sorry, fans." (Fox was almost as bad with the 'Doctor Who' TV Movie in 1996.)

So let the word get out: Tonight, 8pm US EST on SyFy, 'Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome'. Hopefully enough people will watch it that it gets a chance at a series.


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