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I'm not able to do the video caps for the page at the moment, but I have
uploaded the text to the site.

I will finish the page to the usual format when I am able to.


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Dear Bill,
thankyou for putting Homecoming on the site. I attach the next when you
have time to do it. You do a great job – hope it doesn't take up too much

Series 1. Episode 9. WHEN MY SHIP COMES HOME. By David Weir.
Description by Viv Dodd.
The Maisie Agnes, a ship that James has chartered from Callon, is lost at
sea. The insurers refuse to pay out because the captain carried gunpowder
and so James and Anne set out for London so that James can see them and
plead his case.
Callon learns from his son, Edmund, that James is responsible for the cost
of the ship and cargo and sees an opportunity to impoverish James and puts
pressure on Robert to sell his shop cheaply so that Callon could demolish it
to build a new dock.
James talks to Mr Chubb from the insurers but is told that nothing can be
done about his loss. Anne enjoys the shops in London and the nearness to the
Queen but James returns to the hotel in a bad mood and explains the dire
situation to Anne. Captain Goodie from the Maisie Agnes arrives and tells
James that Chubb, as the senior partner in the firm, could be more lenient
and James writes a statement that would absolve him from his responsibility
for the cost of the ship which he intends Chubb to sign after getting him
drunk. However, after a visit to `Kate's' high class brothel, Chubb returns
James to Anne in the hotel, drugged and with the paper unsigned.
James and Anne return to Liverpool to collect any money they can to pay
James debt to Callon but Robert and family are evicted from their shop and
the Charlotte Rhodes is distrained and guarded so that James cannot use her
to make money. As James' Onedin companies are limited liability Callon
cannot take all his wealth but can stop him trading.
James and Baines steal the ship and think they leave Anne behind to cover
their tracks but she has stowed away. James makes for Gibraltar where he
buys guns and powder to sell to tribesmen in North Africa. They have a close
encounter with a French gunship but eventually James does the trade.
Anne disapproves of trade in guns but James is delighted `£2,000 clear
profit'. `Every penny spoken for', Anne reminds James.
`Forgive a rich man anything?', James asks his wife. `Not your brother
Robert nor Sarah – ever', Anne says reprovingly. But James is keen for Anne
to share his pleasure, `And you Anne, You?' Anne smiles wanly and looks
away. She is beginning to provide James with a `conscience'.


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