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> Hello Stan, welcome to the group.
> There were 91 episodes spread over 8 series broadcast originally

from 1971 to 1980. If you have satellite or cable TV and live in the
UK the first two series are being shown on UK Drama channel starting
on Monday. These are also available commercially on DVD (or VHS
tape) check Amazon or eBay etc.

> As for series 4 onwards these are not available on tape or DVD

commercially yet and I don't know if they ever will be, which is a
shame as there are so many good story lines as the saga unfolds in
the later episodes. The whole series was repeated on UK Gold about
1993-94 so there is a chance they will appear again one day. Members
of this list keep mailing the cable channel UK Drama asking for more
of the series to be shown (at least I hope they do) so who knows
maybe we'll get another series or two out of them.

> I made a small website with some info and links to other Onedin

themed sites at:

> You might find it


> Bill.

Many thanks for the information.I have series 1 2 and 3 now,
so will have to keep a close eye open for future series being put on
Quite an ineresting site you have there Bill plenty of information.
My great grandfather was captain on the sailing ships during the
nineteenth century so i find the series very interesting. Myself i
was mate on trawlers out of Grimsby until fishing finished i then
worked on oil rig support ships. Now just recently retired.
Best regards……….. Stan