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All true.

If the industry and the representatives of those involved could just get their act together a lot more classic stuff would be available to folk. I suppose greed and self interest are the factors that rule in all of this. Having said that I do believe those who worked making a programmes like Onedin (and others of course) should get just reward for their part in it.

With The Onedin Line, I have and always will buy DVDs of each series as they become available, I think most of us will if we can. It is worth noting the all the ones I have originate from the Netherlands, makes me suspect this is some work-around for legal problems.

And while not excusing "illegal copying" you can't blame people for using the torrent sites, when this is the only way they can get series 6, 7, and 8 (and possibly 5 if the problems aren't resolved on that).

Bootlegging to me is commercial size operations making big bucks as was rife not long ago in places like Hong Kong, not people swapping their own off-air recordings but I suppose not all will agree with me there.


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I have a horrible feeling I may know what the "legal wrangle" surrounding re-issues of the show might be; unless I'm very mistaken, it's going to be over the music rights. It would only take one incomplete or incorrectly filled out cue sheet to stop the whole series going out. To see just how bad this can get, check out the furore over the DVD re-issues of The Fugitive, which will probably now stop after having been the best-selling TV reissue ever. Just google "fugitive dvd music" and stand by to be horrified. The bootleggers are cleaning up. By the way, the music of The Fugitive was recorded entirely in London in great secrecy by the LSO, to get round an industrial dispute between the studio and American musicians. What the studio did to get the second series of The Fugitive out on DVD is too disgusting to describe; suffice it to say that I will never allow one of the second series DVDs in my house unless it is to be used under coffee cups or as
Christmas tree decorations. If Pete Rugolo needs a hitman, he should give me a call.

Another show, Dark Skies, was all set for DVD when the music bill came in; it was more than the manufacturing costs and the projected five-year sales combined and doubled. As a result, you will never, ever see Dark Skies on an official DVD. Again, bonanza for the bootleggers.

I really, really hope I'm wrong on this, but given the history, I'm not hopeful.

Bill Scanlan Murphy

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