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Thanks for your message. I know that Khachaturian's Spartacus music was used for the opening and closing credits to The Onedin Line, as well as music by Dmitri Shostakovich. As I understand it, those composers were alive during part of the run of the series (you can correct me if I am wrong). What did Khachaturian or Shostakovich think of their music being used for The Onedin Line? Your thoughts are appreciated. Thanks.

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Greetings, shipmates!

I'm Bill Scanlan Murphy, and I was Music Advisor on the show for the last two series (7 and 8). I have many happy memories of The Onedin Line. The producer then was the now sadly deceased Geraint Morris; directors included my dear friend Gerald Blake (also now gone, and grievously missed) and David Reynolds, now a mighty power at Yorkshire Television. I also remember two grimly frenetic shows with Pennant Roberts, largely saved by the presence of the mighty T.P. McKenna.

As I am a naval historian as well as a musician, The Onedin Line was the dream job for me. I got the job on the recommendation of Tony Isaac, who did the first five series before handing over to Grant Hossack, who left in 1978. Tony called Geraint, who called me in and hired me on the spot. While I was there, Geraint tried to call Tony back to tell him the news, but got no reply. We learned later that Tony had hanged himself that morning.

I attended every studio recording and (of course) every dub, and even managed to wheedle my way onto a film shoot out of Falmouth in the summer of '79. Onedin was an exceptionally happy show, give or take the odd Geraint tantrum (but then, he was a producer, and that's what they do). Many happy hours were spent in the BBC club with the entire cast; Peter, Howard, Jill and Jessica were not just great performers but great friends – and not a swollen ego in sight.

I wonder how many of you know that Jessica was going to have her own show? During the last season of Onedin, Geraint and Mervyn Haisman developed a series for her called The Heywood Files, about a Victorian lady photographer; I was tapped to write the music. The show was killed at the very last minute; sadly, I don't think I've seen Jessica on screen ever since.

I would love to hear from anyone who was connected with the show, or would like to know more about it. I'm just delighted to have found this group!

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